In other news…

I was reading some news earlier and I came across an article about a con man named James Hogue, infamously known for lying his way into Princeton under the name Alexi Santana, was recently found in a mountain shack that he built illegally. He has committed many other major felonies and I find it miraculous that he could pull all of them off, even if he often got caught and was sentenced to time in jail. Hogue reminds me of Count Olaf from the book, and Netflix show, A Series of Unfortunate Events. Count Olaf is able to get away with things by disguising himself, similar to James Hogue. The New Yorker, an American magazine, refers to Hogue as the man who woke up one morning and decided to be someone else. I would go as far as to call him an actor with potential. Clever, persuasive, and committed, he aims big, even as a thief. Though his actions aren’t justifiable, they are something to think about.

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