The Beast Within

“Love is the most powerful force in the world. If you can overcome the fear of love, or to be loved, then you can conquer anything. Because when you have love, you have an infinite amount of encouragement and motivation to better yourself,” his character taught me.

“Love is a lofty thing. It doesn’t deserve to be baffled by frivolous content, and I would surely ruin it if I were to be hit by a simple affliction of impulse.” That’s what my character put out.

“There you go again, degrading yourself.”

“Could you learn to love me?”

“Who says I don’t already?”


Evoking What Can’t Be Seen – Bakerrs

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Lorna Simpson’s work with photographs and other media is a masterclass in layering Published: February 15, 2018 at 05:30AM Magazine By TEJU COLE from NYT Magazine Follow Bakerrs on Twitter We are Brrr..eaking News Across The World. About NYT The New York Times (sometimes abbreviated NYT and The Times) is an American daily newspaper, […]

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When Death is a Protagonist


“How often do we reduce the memory of those we love to objects? Photographs. Letters. Tombstones. The spirit of a dead father or mother,the shadows and sounds of a dead sister or brother linger. Often, what is left behind surprises: grief, anger, longing, but then something else, which surprises even more: a new order perhaps, an acceptance, a feeling about things.”
– Christopher De Vinck, The Power of the Powerless

We often think about death as a horrific thing. When it has its time to shine, we immediately remember all the negative aspects of it: agony, sorrow, long periods of waiting in suspense, inevitability.

We can often fail to see the comforts and strength offered to us before and after a death occurs. The body takes care of its spirit for its entire life, even thru the process of death. The circulatory system supplies blood to the major organs a few weeks before death occurs. At this time, the family of the spirit come together.

In the end, when a soul is lost, there is the gift of acceptance and reminiscence. The world is new every time a person dies, and that means there’s an infinite amount of opportunity to make the next world better using your memories from the last. This becomes more and more evident with time.

Death becomes less of a destructive element and more of a hero, in a way.

Switching Your Mindset

Sometimes, if you get the chance to obtain a great opportunity, you must allow yourself to be brainwashed. You can’t be stubborn. You must fall into the hypnosis of the successful managers, mentors, and millionaires. They say, “let your bullshit go and be willing to unlearn everything you’ve learned.” Be willing. That is the main part. How many of us are willing to be victims to success?


Everyone needs a little reminder of his or her awesomeness once in a while. Sometimes I might post these “quick-ups” (quick pick-me-ups). Little tidbits. Tiny tips.

When you are doing something, it is important to stay true to yourself. Do your own thing because you genuinely want to do it. You shouldn’t do anything to prove people wrong. Your business isn’t anyone else’s business anyway.

Je pense, donc, je suis. (I think, therefore, I am)